Ms. Yasutomi Testimonial

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There are no words to express my appreciation to CareSift for the significant role she played in finding a home for my Mother, Sylvia.

Firstly, when our family found ourselves in an emotional crisis regarding mom’s declining health condition, we were faced with the dilemma of where to place her. We were caught off guard with nowhere to turn. We were in a state of confusion, to say the least.

Then I met our Advocate from CareSift. She was an angel sent from heaven. From our initial phone contact to our first meeting, I felt very comfortable with her. She was able to make an initial assessment of our family situation and without hesitation, came up with a plan of action in search of a place for mom.

I am very confident to say that she showed me a range of care/nursing homes that met our criteria and fell within our financial budget. Each site displayed a variety of favorable qualities and characteristics. This process helped me to gain a clearer perspective of what the care and nursing homes have to offer. Also, she patiently explained the pertinent terms and conditions. As a result, touring and visiting several sites worked to diminish my confusion and clarified my understanding.

Finally, we found a perfect fit for mom. It met the criteria for her long-term care insurance, it fell within our financial requirements and mostly, it met my high standards as a perfect home for mom. I’m sure that the pre-established warm relationship that she had with the administrators made the difference in their acceptance of mom as a resident as well.

When mom saw her new place, she was very impressed and happy to make this place her new home. What brought a smile to her face was when she came for a visit, mom had a chance to meet the lady responsible for the discovery of her new found happiness.

When in a time of crisis for my family, I can only express much gratitude to her for her loving care. I know that what she did for us is nothing short of what she would also do for her own family. She is an answer to our prayers.

Ms. Yasutomi