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Allison D. Testimonial

I have been caring for my elderly mother the last year and a half. All was well until she got COVID. Next thing I knew my mom was going downhill fast and I realized I was not able to care for her at home any longer.  Being my mom’s sole caregiver, I was in a state of panic and exhaustion. I went online trying to figure out what to do but it was so overwhelming, and I had no idea where to begin. I remember looking at the screen late night and crying because it all seemed so hopeless.

I was panicking and felt so alone.

Then my mom’s friend told me about CareSift and gave me the number for Candace.

I remember the morning I called Candace; it was pretty early and was surprised when Candace picked up right away. Candace was so warm and kind. Candace was reassuring and supportive. Within minutes of speaking with Candace I felt my emotional load lighten, I had hope! Candace took all of my mom’s information and assured me she would start looking for a home right away. And she did!

In the meantime, Candace sent me lots if information on who CareSift was. One was a video from KITV news interviewing the lady who started CareSift. I actually cried watching the video because I felt so relieved.

During her search Candace kept in touch and keep checking in to let me know how the progress was going. My mom and I were so happy to know that Candace was out there really trying to help us!

Within 3 weeks Candace found a wonderful home for my mom. My mom is happy and thriving with such a loving high level of care.  For the first time in 3 months, I am sleeping through the night and feeling back to normal.

Candace was our Angel and I am forever grateful.


Allison D.

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