Thank you!

First off, let me be the first to thank you for all that you do! We understand the outstanding, and often difficult role that you provide in your customers lives.

Not Just Another Referral Services

Unlike traditional referral services, CareSift provides end-to-end, one-on-one support to seniors looking for senior care.
Founded by healthcare professionals and social workers, we’re here to personally support your senior care business with highly qualified referrals. Our thorough and careful pre-screening allows you to be more selective of potential clients and residents, and build the solid waitlist you need to avoid openings.

What we Provide

We at CareSift are dedicated to supporting you and your health care businesses by helping to:

  1. Allow you to be more selective of potential clients.
  2. Allow you to avoid empty beds by building a waitlist.
  3. Reduce costs associated with sales & marketing.
  4. Market and showcase your services.
  5. Improve customer relations.

If you need assistance in becoming a member please contact us. We look forward to supporting you and your business.

Contact Information:
For sales, please contact us toll free: 844-559-7624