Family Testimonials

We understand the importance of finding a trusted organization to support you and your family in finding the best care for your loved one. Meet CareSift.

We’ve been in your shoes. That’s why we put so much emphasis on supporting families, one-on-one, and working with you every step of the way.

See what our customers are saying about our one-on-one services.

Care Made Simpler (Well Being Hawaii)

Please read a recent article which highlights our service, presented by Well Being Hawaii. (Read More)

Ms. Tanaka

Mom is at the beginning stage of dementia…and can’t live alone…so we did our own search for elderly care facilities…and decided on a care home. She moved in beginning of July 2015…complained about everything…her memory & physical health was deteriorating fast…only lasted 5 months in the home. There was nothing wrong with the location…it’s a nice… (Read More)

Mr. Randal

CareSift provides a service that is vital for people who are looking for a quality care home for their loved ones. After trying to find a suitable place by going through lists that were provided by different agencies, unsuccessfully, I contacted CareSift and was able to secure a more than acceptable care home for my Mother. CareSift was able to relieve me of the stress of finding a suitable care facility within a few days. (Read More)

Mr. Yasutomi

There are no words to express my appreciation to CareSift for the significant role she played in finding a home for my Mother, Sylvia.

Firstly, when our family found ourselves in an emotional crisis regarding Mom’s declining health condition, we were faced with the dilemma of where to place her. We were caught off guard with nowhere to turn. We were in a state of confusion, to say the least. (Read More)

Mr. Kurosawa

CareSift has been exceptionally helpful in finding a care home for my husband’s brother. Our Advocate even went with us when we visited several care homes and did the negotiation of the fees. She worked on our case every day and also on the weekends because I got messages from her practically all the time. Even after the placement was done she is always checking up on us to see how things are getting along. (Read More)

Mr. Nagle

Thanks so very much for helping to place my Mom at a very nice care home. I
knew that the rehabilitation center wouldn’t give me enough time to very
leisurely look around for a care home to place my Mom before they decided to
release her. I knew that the pressure would be on to quickly find a place for
her. Luckily, the social worker there did refer me to you to help with this
enormous responsibility. (Read More)