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CareSift Highlighted on Kupuna Caregiver Show!

CareSift and Kupuna Caregiver Show covers CareSift and Senior Care Navigation. Check out the news segment.


CareSift is a free, local support service for seniors and their families who are looking into senior care. The new service helps families navigate the multitude of options available to seniors and provides the information necessary to make informed decisions about senior care. Senior care is complex, and CareSift can help.

“You don’t have unlimited hours to spend on the computer researching all these different types of care.”

“If [families] don’t know what their level of care is, [families] don’t know what type of resources are appropriate to them, they don’t know where to turn, I would really love them to call CareSift because we don’t want anyone left in the dark. We want [families] to make informed decisions on care and we want to help them research those options. We’re paid and supported by the care providers Statewide, so our services are free to seniors and families that need assistance in researching these options. You know, I don’t want anyone to struggle like we did when we had to find care for my grandfather.”

Long-term care options can be overwhelming from home care, assisted living, to skilled nursing facilities. But Coglietta and her CareSift team will guide you through the options based on your needs and budget. Plus, there is no charge for their service.

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